Scott Drickey
Photographer | Still and Motion

There was a time when I was known for my tenacious work style and my lighting expertise. As a photographer’s assistant and in my early days as a photographer, I was fast, obsessively organized, and almost psychic in my ability to anticipate the needs of others on a shoot. I was the assistant world-famous photographers requested for their shoots. I traveled the world, working in studios in Paris and the deserts of the American West. My work appeared in Vogue and Mademoiselle.

I blinked my eyes, and 20 years went by. And to my surprise, my work became infinitely more interesting when I pointed my camera at “regular” people — artists, rodeo queens, and skate punks. I lit them as if I were shooting a cover of a fashion magazine. Using the same techniques and the same intense dedication to quality, my photos revealed personalities, truths, and undeniable beauty. 

Some things haven’t changed since the early days of my career. I am still dedicated to disarming my clients with excellent customer service. And I always strive to establish an intimacy to reveal my subjects being undeniably themselves. As a photographer, my job is to bring my expertise to build on an idea or offer new ones. My work begins long before a shoot, and my clients consistently appreciate the care I take generating and enhancing ideas for campaign still and motion content.

There is no end to the craft of photography’s ability to seduce me. If I’m fortunate enough to be around another for another 20 years, I can guarantee you, I will still be behind the camera shooting still and moving pictures.

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